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We sailed the seas with horrendous storms, sails
seemed torn apart under the furious wind, waves
There hung over us like twigs and rode the same
leaving us bring from their fury.
The horizon was only open sea and no land
He loomed to our watchful eyes.
We thought that our life should end in
that instant, buried in the depths of the sea without
no headstone for our memory.
Then, as if he had pressed a switch everything
He calmed down and returned to talk about our lives
and the futility of the things for which we had
They labored in vain.
A seagull flew over our heads, it was life that
with its wings marked the relentless beat of time.

Victor Bandaa

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Di Vittorio Banda

Cerco collaborazioni con musicista, io sono un paroliere,poeta,scrittore ed autore teatrale. Cerco sponsor che mi aiutino.

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